#photobooth requires the following items to ensure a fully functioning booth at your event.  Please provide this information to your planner/event coordinator and complete the questionnaire below.  You must return this form to us at least fourteen days prior to your event.  If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.  Thank you!

Instagram Booth Set Up Requirements:

1. Power outlet (must be within 25' of booth location)

2. 6ft x 4ft flat space (larger space needed if there's a backdrop 8x8ft)

3. 6' table for props & printer

4. Cell phone reception is mandatory

It takes about 1 hr to set up.
5. Will it be set up indoors or outdoors? *
6. First floor location? *
If not, is there an elevator available?
7. Can the venue provide a 6' table and tablecloth? *
8. Is there cell phone reception at the venue? *
*It is imperative that cell phone reception is available to #photobooth and the guests.
11. Instagram Template: Please select one *
12. Would you like to set up a backdrop? *
* It is recommended to set up a backdrop to encourage guests to take photos. Preferably, a step a repeat backdrop with logos and company or event name.
13. Props: Please select one *